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When will your menu change?

Our Menu will change Oct. 1, 2020 and will reflect some slight price adjustments. We will be adding memberships and packages to our menu to better serve our clients. 

What is a consultation facial?


The consultation facial is a 30 minute facial treatment where we go over your skin needs, a follow up facial and any dietary concerns that can improve your skin. Our technicians will give a thorough skin analysis and follow up skin care routine as well as home care products that can be used.


What facial should I get next?


Signature Facial, this is a customized treatment where we follow up to see your skin response to the home care products and/or last facial appointment. We recommend every 4-6 weeks.


What is a Signature Facial?


This service is our most popular facial! This is a 50 min service where we tackle your skin concerns giving you a beautiful glow! We also recommend this facial for first time facial clients wanting a long “consultation” facial. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.


What is microdermabrasion (Diamond Cut)?


This is the use of a small tool that gently sucks up dead skin. This is not like dermaplaning but close as we just a diamond tip to deeply exfoliate the skin. 

What is O2Derm?


O2Derm is a state of the art facial machine that rebalances the skin's pH, targets discoloration & harmful acne causing bacteria and neutralized free radicals that cause fine lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation and more. This machine is safe for everyone including pregnant women, and those with medical conditions.

What is the Rewind Time Facial?


It is a facial treatment to plump the skin, treat fine lines and wrinkles and pump intense hydration to give mature skin the very best nourishment!


Will facials help with my fine lines and wrinkles?


Yes, frequent facials and good home care can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. We recommend home care products such as our pomegranate cleanser, retinol scrub, ageless skin serum, ageless moisturizer and cucumber toner. Follow up facial every 3-4 weeks with LED therapy. 


Will facials help with my hyperpigmentation  and discoloration?

Yes, facials can help reduce hyperpigmentation, dull skin, dark circles, dry patches and more! Our custom blended facials are specially created just for you! No two facials are alike! Our experienced technicians will create the perfect facial just for you.


What is included in the Gentlemen’s Facial and what is it for?


This facial is similar to the signature facial and is customized according to the client skin needs. In addition, we also included a beard treatment using plant based products to treat bacteria within the bread.


What is the Hydradermbrasion?


This is a deep exfoliating skin treatment with the use of hydradermbrasion machine to flush toxins out the skin with water and gently extract acne, dead skin, blackheads and more.


Does my Giftcard Expire?

All gift cards have an expire 6 months after purchase. eGiftcards and Physical gift cards can be used for services but when booking online a deposit is still required and will be refunded ot checkout.


Chemical Peels:


When are chemical peels recommended? Between the months of Fall and Spring (Sept-April). Chemical peels are the use of chemical peeling agents to target discoloration, acne, pitted skin, wrinkles, fine lines and more.


All clients MUST receive a consultation facial and signature facial or (2) Signature Facials before beginning peel series.


Peel series are 6 weeks (normal  to dry skin)


8 weeks (discolored/hyperpigmentation skin)


14 weeks (severe acne, discoloration and pitted skin)


Our Pre/Post Peel Kit must be ordered online and is included in the pricing and must be used 14 days PRIOR to initial peel. Home care is very important to ensure great results!


What is the Pretty Kitty?


This is a service that was designed by our owner Chidimma to receive the most effective treatment for the skin and post wax. This service is a customized treatment that includes a full Brazilian front to back and a customized vajacial according to the client skin care needs.


Can I get a Pretty Kitty while Pregnant or on My Cycle?


Yes, pregnant women can get Brazilian waxes and limited vajacial services as well as women on their cycles can receive a full Brazilian wax and a vajacial treatment.


How often should I get this?


We recommend every 4-6 weeks and to purchase glycolic pads, kitty oil & purrr powder for the best treatment on the skin to brighten the area and fight ingrowns. These products can be purchased on our website.


What is a V-Steam?


V-Steam is the ancient holistic natural practice of treating womb conditions, wellness and improving womb health through the use steaming herbs and essential oils in a pot that you sit above. Perfect prior to a Brazilian to soften hair follicles for easy waxing! This service is perfect for all women except for women on their cycles or pregnant. 


What is the Classic V-Steam?


This service is perfect for first timer. The benefits include  an increase in vaginal lubricants, increased libido, and reduced cramping.


What is the Detox V-Steam?


This service is a mixture of herbs that gently steam into your vaginal area. The detox steam helps reduce heavy cramping, heavy cycles, shrink cyst and fibroids as well as balance out the pH for women who suffer from chronic yeast or BV.


How often can I get a VSteam?


Every 3-5 Weeks. You can also alternate between a Classic & Detox V-Steam.


Are there any side effects to V-Steam?


Increase in healthy vaginal lubricants, increase in libido, decreased in tiredness, reduce of PMS symptoms, mild aches and foot aches may occur right after a v-steam and subside in 20 minutes. Pregnant women and women on their menstruation cannot receive a vsteam.

Spa Parties:


Spa Parties will resume January 5, 2021.


Spa Parties require a $250 booking fee that does not goes towards the services, the $250 booking fee is to provide decor, food & necessary expenses for the party.


Spa parties must be completed after hours on Saturday ONLY from 4-8PM, with the last service being completed by 7PM. Alcohol is allowed to be served with a 2 drink minimum. MAX of 10 people can attend a Spa Party. Form must be filled out 60 days in advance in order to prepare the salon and staff for upcoming party arrangements .


Bridal & Spa Party inquiries must be forwarded to and a person from our team will contact them within 72 hours.

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