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VSteam & Sauna Services 

VSteams also known as Yoni Steams are a holistic method to use herbal blends to steam the uterine area on a gently steamed pot. VSteams help to regulate cycles, reduce severe cramping and assist with shrinking cysts. Infrared Sauna assist with chronic pain management, detoxing, post-op inflammation, body acne, anti-aging and more. Our Spa uses SunLighten which is also used by medical facilities around the world like John Hopkins. Our sauna assists with physical and body ailments.

+ Add Ons

24Karat Gold Mask: $44

Detox, firm & boost your skin glow with gold therapy.

Hydrojelly Mask: $15

Boost skin hydrating and brighten skin with peel off jelly mask.

Extractions: $15

Remove impacted pores such as whiteheads, blackheads &  ingrown hairs.

Led Light Therapy: $30

Reduce inflammation, acne and hyperpigmentation with light waves.

High Frequency: $10

Neutralize harmful bacteria by adding this to your service.

Vitamin C O2 Therapy: $50

Boost skin immune system and target hyperpigmentation with vitamin 

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