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Massage & Body Sculpting

Providing body sculpting services and massage relief services for the body to release tension and allow water to flow through the body to release toxins. Our body sculpting services assist with shaping your body and reducing bloat, tightening skin & assisting with weight loss. We highly recommend a consultation for the best results.

+ Add Ons

24Karat Gold Mask: $44

Detox, firm & boost your skin glow with gold therapy.

Hydrojelly Mask: $15

Boost skin hydrating and brighten skin with peel off jelly mask.

Extractions: $15

Remove impacted pores such as whiteheads, blackheads &  ingrown hairs.

Led Light Therapy: $30

Reduce inflammation, acne and hyperpigmentation with light waves.

High Frequency: $10

Neutralize harmful bacteria by adding this to your service.

Vitamin C O2 Therapy: $50

Boost skin immune system and target hyperpigmentation with vitamin 

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