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Boscia Sake Balm

My #1 go to Moisturizer! After I gave birth I went on the search for a reallllly good moisturizer that would help with my "pregnancy mask" I was plagued with dark spots and hyper pigmentation and came across Boscia Sake Balm on Sephora when I first tried it the texture was something I didn't expect..a jelly like substances that INSTANTLY turns into water. Really amazing texture! This moisturizer is packed with goodness a few key ingredients being Sake which provides intense moisturizing and brightening benefits. Glycolic acid which helps minimize hyper pigmentation by gently exfoliating the skin, as well as Vitamin C and Jojoba leaf which helps the the skin maintain it's new appearance after using Sake Balm. This truly is a MUST have product that goes well with all skin type and skin tones! Pictured: Boscia Sake Balm ft my one of my favorite crystals Celestite 💙

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