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So, What is a “V-Steam”?


V-Steams, also known as Vaginal Steaming or Yoni steams is the holistic approach to treating common womb concerns. V-Steaming has been practiced around the world for centuries in Africa & the West Indies and has grown increasingly popular in the Western World bringing ancient holistic practices to more women. V-Steams is the treatment of womb conditions through the use of herbs such as chamomile, lavender, mugwort, basil & more to increase & improved womb & overall health benefits to help women target vaginal discomfort.

The process of V-Steam is mixing herbs and sometime essential oils & crystals into a steamy pot where a woman would sit on a stool or chair for 30-45 minutes while the steam releases the herbal remedies into the womb space. Many women have seen amazing results with balancing their pH, reducing cramps, fibroids, cysts and increasing vaginal lubricant. Some herbs, such as Jasmine Flower has been known to also stimulate a woman libido to increase sexual drive, improve odor & lubrication.


What are some benefits you can expect from V-Steams?

  • Improvement in Vaginal Health

  • Regulating Heavy Cramps & Periods

  • Tightening the Muscles in The Vagina

  • Shrinking Fibroids & Cysts

  • Treating Womb Trauma

  • Increasing circulation within womb

  • Increasing fertility

  • Increasing vaginal lubrications and treating vaginal dryness

  • Aid in bladder infection relief

  • Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Helps to reduce Yeast Infections & Vaginal Itch


What type of V-Steam should I get?

We offer a 3 Signature Steams at Ugo Beauty & Artistry Wellness Spa.

The Classic V-Steam help treats minor issues and introduces your womb to V-Steaming. This steam is perfect for women new to V-Steaming and helps to get your womb heath on a good start by increasing vaginal lubrication, regulating cycles & giving you relief from heavy cramps.

The Detox V-Steam or V-Tox is a steam for women with chronic womb concerns such as infertility, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, ovarian cysts, extremely heavy & irregular periods. We have herbs such as Saw Palmetto & Cat’s Claw within our detox steams to shrink cysts and fibroids & reduce symptoms from endometriosis.

Lastly we have our Rejuvenation V-Steam to give your womb a “Pick Me Up” this steam helps with improving sexual drive, tightening vaginal muscles, & aids in anti-inflammatory benefits to give your vagina the love it needs! This steam is perfect for women who are 6 weeks postpartum or just need to get in touch with their womb.

What Should You Expect After A Steam?

You may feel lighter and extremely relaxed, we recommend drinking 16oz of water immediately after a steam to hydrate your body from any sweat loss from sitting on a steamy pot. You may experience a light period during your cycle, increase in vaginal lubrication overall a positive and well feeling in your body, V-Steams are recommended every 2-3 weeks to aid in the improvement of the overall vaginal health.

As we enter into a new decade holistic medicine has been increasing in the aid of health concerns. Using turmeric, elderberry, hyssop & more, Mother Earth continues to give us the medicine to help improve our health. Do you think V-Steam is the right approach for you? Give us a call (980)237-7428 and schedule your next appointment with Ugo Beauty & Artistry Wellness Spa our V-Steam room has custom made throne chairs to support your back & spine including fresh greenery and decor to give you a relaxing & serene experience!

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Kiara Edwards
Kiara Edwards
Jul 28, 2020

My first time getting a v steam let me tell you my vagania feel much better and cleaner self love is key my first pretty kitty wax was amazing as well this the only place i will get all my services done cause its a hot girl summer and got to keep the kitty pretty honey 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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