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Vagina Wealth

Let’s Talk Vaginal Wealth (*I actually had typo and meant to type Health but kept it as Wealth because knowledge is Wealth!) I had a question earlier and wanted to expand more on caring for our vaginas! As most of you know we specialize in “Pretty Kitties” to improve the skin of the vulva but I’m often asked by clients what are some ways to improve the overall health of their vagina!

So with that being said I wanted to start with let’s just talk about the actual PH of the Vagina! (pH is a scale to determine how acidic, basic or alkaline a solution is) The pH of the vagina is 4.5, menstruation blood is 7.4ph, salvia 6.4-7.5ph, semen 7-8ph. So you see the vagina pH level is very low and small things such as saliva from oral sex or even our menstruation can through our pH out of wack! Even bar soap has a pH level of 9!!! Imagine getting soap into your ladies bit talk about OUCH! Other factors such as hormones, medications, underwear fabric, pads & tampons can also impact the health of the vagina. When the vagina pH is thrown off this can cause irritation in the form of yeast or BV (bacterial vaginos) which is very common and most women will experience both at one point in their lives even our own hormones can trigger yeast infections (it’s a never ending battle!)

So what can you do?

You have to rebalance out the pH with the use of Boric Acid suppositories, which is a natural compound from the earth. Boric Acid helps to regulate the pH to fight off infections and bring the vagina back to an acidic environment. Drinking tons of water, cranberry juice and pre & probiotics can help regulate our gut to prevent an overflow of yeast in the body to prevent yeast infections. When using boric acid suppositories you insert them directly into the vagina (DO NOT INGEST!), use them at night and wear a panty liner when using them. (trust me USE the panty liner!!)

Having regular VSteams can help detox the uterus and vagina pH to improve lubricants within the vagina and the overall health. Using vagina friendly products that are MADE for you also plays a huge part in the care of your Lady. Companies like Honey Pot & Goodwipes (two brands we carry in our spa) are the perfect match for vaginal health during that time of the month! Their products are created with your pH and health in mind to insure you are not irritated during or after your cycle promoting further vagina wellness.

Waxing/Trimming hair low can also help reduce odor from sweat and give your vagina the ability to breath (in addition to cotton underwear)! Although VS underwear are super cute leave them for those intimate moments with your spouse, wearing cotton or going commando (no underwear) can help help air flowing down there and reduces the chances of irritation to both the skin and pH.

I believe I said it earlier but of course W A T E R is your friend! Drink tons of water, avoid tons of sugar, salt, yeasty products such as beer. Try to avoid using tampons and especially douching!

Lastly, we need to also make a space for these conversations. Growing up discussing vagina health may have been taboo or “embrassing” to discuses but it’s super important we y’all about for the health of ourselves for the generation after us. There’s no reason for anyone to be embarrassed about the health of their vagina, talk about it with a close friend and/or your OBGYN to get the clarity you need! We have to continue to normalize these conversations so people do not feel embarrassed if they have a question about their vagina health! I say this all the time but the Pussy is Power and we must also remember that!

Thank you tuning into my Ted Talk this evening and please feel free to share this Wealth of information or comment below more tips and advice to give!


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