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Bridal Post: Organization & Time Management

This photo is typically how I organize the day before for large parties especially when I’m on a time limit. Ziplock Bag w/ Bride/Bridesmaid #/MOB etc Clean Towel for each client Clean brushes for each client Eye Lashes Lip/Eye Pencils for each client Disposables Sample Jars Business Card (*missing mini bag for client to carry business card, lip wand, sample jar of lipstick for them to touch up throughout the day.*) I have another tackle box filled with disposables that isn’t pictured here but this is what helps me stay organized and get through clients in 25/30 minutes. With Bridal parties there is usually one look that the Bride chooses and I stick with that color scheme and change on the lips a tad bit to get a little variety without taking away from the bride. With the Brides Bag I have preselected foundation & lip samples already ready to go since we have an agreed upon look at the trial. Having preselected cosmetics out for the bride allows more time for skin prep which is by far the most important step, this leaves more time to exfoliate & possible add a sheet mask in to give the bride a quick & relaxing treat! Whatever I can separate for an individual person I will put into this bag so I don’t have to go searching for it. This is the best way I find that keeps me organized and steady on time. I also usually play music or the bride has music playing and since most songs are 3-4 minutes I count each song that goes by and use each song for a selected application. Example: 1st Song - Skin Prep & Brows Once the first song start to come to an end I know it’s time to move to eyes & so forth. So it’s like I’m timing myself as well to keep track of time without having to look at the time. I know this post is a month late but I hope it helps anyone that is looking for ways to manage time! 

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