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Building Bridal Kits

💛 Bridal Sunday’s 💛 Let’s talk about Bridal Kits! Every Bride loves a good take up touch up kit as a sweet parting gift after you’ve done there makeup! How ever little or small it is always appreciated! Pictured here are options on how to create and what to put inside a bridal kit. I usually get tons of samples from my Sephora Play Subscription Box & because I’m ordering supplies non stop I usually have the option to “Add a Sample” to my order. For months I just collected these items with for a “rainy day” then it dawned on me I could just use these in “Mini Makeup Kits” as an included parting gift for Brides or as an add on with other services. These bags usually consist of lipstick, facial product, hair product, mascara, perfume or a makeup product. I hand pick items from my stash (I have tons of samples I only pictured a few!) that I know will best fit the client and place them in a small Organza Pouch along with a few disposables & business cards. This is not only just a great & cost effective way to include touch up kits but it also lets your Bride know that you were thoughtful enough to curate a kit for her. Subscription boxes aren’t the only way to build samples, Sephora also sells boxes with “mini products” with a variety of lipsticks/glosses and skin & makeup items. You can also grab tons of mini deluxe samples from Ulta & Sephora front counters it order from Miss A or check out your local beauty supply stores! I hope this helps anyone who may be looking to ways to build a touch up kit! **this can also be used not just in Bridal but as an add on service for one on one classes for your client**

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